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Fabrication and Custom Equipment

AAA Weigh Inc. has decades of experience building and refurbishing industrial weighing equipment and processing equipment. We can create your new filling, batching or bagging equipment complete with custom optimization to help you reach your manufacturing goals. We can provide custom software for your controller that can integrate with your manufacturing process software.

We created a system for a company that smokes food and needed accountability through out the process. We installed three scale systems that networked and created bar code labels that tracked the process for quality.

We install, repair and automate many manufacturing process that involve explosive or hazardous environments. Often we run fiber optic cable to safe areas to operate controls that can then open and close valves, communicate with other systems and remotely control the operation from a second location.

 We build hoppers and fillers with controls that can watch for a variety of inputs from sensors or PLCs and control the process flow based on weight. Often, the process can be programmed to change operating parameters on the fly based on how quickly products are moving or based on various temperature or timing considerations.

Automated processes and custom fabrication are often required in truck scale applications where multiple scales are being used and a truck may weigh in on one scale and weigh out on another scale; requiring the sharing of information between scales without loosing data during the hand off.

Agriculture and pharmaceutical companies frequently require bagging and counting equipment with automation with food grade equipment. We can create exactly what you are looking for with the know how to give you exacting performance details in advance to help you evaluate how the equipment will fit into your overall processes.

If you can dream up a machine that makes sense to make your operation more efficient, we can help you create the equipment to get it done. We created a machine for one company that dispenses various chemicals from a truck. Another company collects oil samples and requires very accurate sample sizes at precise intervals of the collection process that requires both high precision and programmable controls.

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