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Top Loading Scales

Our most popular items, where the electronics and scale base are integrated. These scales are also sometimes referred to as portion scales, balances or top loaders. Some of them can count. Some of them are battery operated. Some of them have com ports to talk to a printer or a PC. They range from .01g of resolution and from 500g of capacity. Top loader scales can handle up to 50lbs of capacity. Because we have experience with so many brands, we can steer you away from brands that we have had reliability problems with. Many inexpensive top loaders suffer from drift. This is often caused by the implementation of load cells that are poorly made and electronics that are very minimalist. High quality top loaders do not drift, work out of the box and have replaceable components. Economy top loaders are typically "plug and play and throw it away." When looking for a top loader, consider the following; does it need to be legal for trade?, does it need to be wipe down or wash down?, does it need to output to a computer or printer?, does it need to be battery operated? Also look in the Setra Section at the Sierra and Himalaya scales. They are a premium precise and reliable scale.

Product Image Item Name-
Ohaus Valor 1000 30kg x 5g 9.8"x7" Compact Scale

Ohaus Valor 1000 30kg x 5g 9.8"x7" Compact Scale

30kgx5g/66lbx.02lbWeighing units:  kilograms, pounds, grams, ounces  Weighing modes:  Weigh, accumulate, checkweigh   Calibration:  Digital external...

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